November 30, 2022

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7 signs an employee is about to quit

Are you apprehensive that one particular of your star employees is about to bounce ship? Modern facts from the Bureau of Labor Figures reveals that approximately 4.4 million people quit their position in January 2022, proving that the Great Resignation is not slowing down at any time soon — so your fears are not unwarranted. 

If you want to boost employee retention and cut down your turnover price, it is essential to realize the red flags and telltale indications that signal an employee’s impending departure.

Even if you’re way too late to persuade them to stay, you can not only get ready to find new personnel but also work to prevent crew members from leaving in the long term.

1. Using much more time off than normal

An worker who is wanting for new opportunities is probable to just take a lot more time off than common. They may well use family vacation time to go to task interviews or orientation times with other companies since these will commonly just take put all through doing work several hours. 

Before an personnel quits, they may try out to “use up” the relaxation of their trip time or ill times if they have a ton still left. And if a detrimental operate atmosphere or organization culture triggers burnout or impacts their mental health, they could possibly check out to keep away from coming in as substantially as attainable in advance of quitting.

2. Currently being reluctant to dedicate to very long-time period projects

Did just one of your high-accomplishing workforce appear hesitant to take on a new prolonged-time period venture? Staff members who are organizing to depart their current job and start a new situation aren’t heading to choose on large new commitments — but they possibly will not want to notify you why. 

If a staff members member is a staff participant who’s generally eager to just take on extra duties but quickly reveals resistance, that lack of staff engagement could be a warning indication that they’ll be leaving before long.

3. Finding extra active on LinkedIn

Research displays that 92% of recruiters use social media to uncover great staff — and your group users in all probability know this. That’s why a unexpected flurry of activity on LinkedIn can signify that one particular of your team members is imagining about leaving. 

They could possibly start updating their perform record, connecting with people today from other companies, or including extra competencies to their profile. Not every person who updates their LinkedIn webpage is looking for a new task, but it is nevertheless well worth trying to keep an eye on the internet site.

4. Avoiding do the job social occasions

Perform social functions are generally prepared a extensive time in advance, and employees who have their eyes on other providers could not be keen to commit. Bought a staff member who’s reluctant to ebook a position at the Christmas occasion in July? It could be due to the fact they know they’ll be prolonged long gone by then.

Staff members could also prevent outings like functions with do the job pals or firm dinners mainly because they want to steer clear of awkward questions from professionals and coworkers.

5. Heading by means of a important existence adjust

Key existence improvements in other regions of an employee’s daily life can bring about a improve of career. If a member of staff has recently moved, gotten married or divorced, or had a baby, they’re far more most likely to stop for a new career to increase their perform-lifestyle balance.

This could be due to the fact their everyday living alter has altered their economical position, due to the fact they have to have distinct performing hours than before, or just due to the fact they are extra open to change. For illustration, a new father or mother may well will need a larger wage to help their increasing household, and far more flexible several hours to get the job done all around childcare. 

6. Having additional private calls

As described, interviews will materialize in the course of normal enterprise hrs. So if an personnel is making more telephone phone calls for the duration of their shift, it could be because they are participating in a mobile phone job interview or following up with a new enterprise.

This could also be a signal that a greater existence function is taking place, which is a further crimson flag that they could be leaving soon.

7. Generating unrealistic requests

Asking for a significant elevate or promotion out of the blue is commonly a indication that your worker is taking into consideration other selections because they come to feel undervalued. If yet another business has made available them a improved prospect, they may well make one particular previous try to continue to be by requesting an outlandish upgrade.

What to do if you suspect an worker is about to give up

There are lots of things you can do to lessen worker turnover, no matter whether it’s to retain the employee in issue from leaving or learning from the expertise and blocking it from occurring in the future.

Discuss to the personnel

A uncomplicated conversation can go a extended way. If a staff member has taken the time to find another position, there’s a explanation for it. Sit down with them and give them a possibility to categorical their concerns. You could possibly obtain that even a minor tweak in points like staff benefits or get the job done hours will persuade them to stay.

For instance, they could be leaving since of a scheduling problem. A compact change to the way you assign shifts could be all it takes to persuade them to adhere all over. Homebase allows you improve your plan and cut down confusion so you can make smarter conclusions that benefit your whole staff.

Provide expansion possibilities

Scientific tests show that 82% of staff will quit their position if there is a “lack of profession progression chances.”

Instead of hunting outside the house your enterprise to seek the services of for administration and other higher-level positions, give your existing group a likelihood to prove on their own and acquire on the roles. And even if you simply cannot encourage them, deliver more prospects by rising their obligations.

You can also operate with each and every personnel to recognize what their goals are. For illustration, your receptionist may possibly inevitably want to changeover out of customer company and into accounting. Map out the actions they require to get to get there and develop a tough timeline.

Address personnel burnout

Burnout can be a large trigger for employees to search for one more task — and experiments present that burnout has only gotten even worse above the course of the pandemic.

Initially, make reliable group conversation a priority so you can tackle prospective burnout head-on right before it becomes an issue. Conduct surveys, maintain standard just one-on-a person conferences, and use a device like Homebase’s team messaging app to continue to keep a continual pulse on how your employees are emotion.

When indications of burnout happen, encourage that personnel to get a mental overall health day or incorporate “brain breaks” that let them to step away from their workstation and just take a breather.


By hunting out for the symptoms previously mentioned, you’ll be ready to identify opportunity issues and do what you can to rectify them. Even if you lose a team member, learn from the knowledge and strengthen your retention technique for the long term.

Homebase can make improvements to your retention strategy by escalating staff communication, making transparency with up-to-day scheduling, and furnishing perks like early accessibility to wages.

And if you are dealing with an increase in employee turnover, Homebase can assist you obtain experienced replacements speedily. You can use pre-written work descriptions to get your task stated to the top rated on the web position boards in just a several minutes.

Signals an personnel is about to quit FAQs

How do you know when an worker is about to give up?

There are numerous crimson flags that indicate an employee is about to give up. These include things like using off much more time than normal, being unwilling to start very long-term projects, staying away from operate social occasions, and far more.

What is the range 1 explanation personnel stop?

A the latest research located that the biggest reason employees are quitting all through the Wonderful Resignation is a poisonous place of work lifestyle.

How do you explain to if an staff is on the lookout for a further job?

Indications an personnel is hunting for new task chances consist of an updated LinkedIn webpage, an maximize in particular calls on the job, unrealistic requests, and far more.