September 28, 2023

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How to Integrate Motion Graphics in Your Content Marketing + Examples

How to Integrate Motion Graphics in Your Content Marketing + Examples

When was the past time a YouTube ad or a social media article caught your awareness?

What was it about the written content or info that stopped you from skipping the article on your feed or clicking the Skip ad button?

If you’re wanting to know whether our awareness spans have shortened as usually documented, the jury’s still out. Some say that equating our awareness span to that of a goldfish is a fantasy.

A person thing’s for sure, although – the way we’re processing details on the net is changing.

YouTube Uk field manager Paddy Collins writes that our awareness span is like a muscle mass. With the deluge of data and information and facts, our focus span muscles have designed this reflex of diverting itself somewhere else if it is aware what will take place future and doesn’t like it.

In brief, your viewers has discovered to shut off their focus muscle if your data is irrelevant to them.

A survey from Salesforce Investigation also supports this thought. In accordance to the survey, 80 p.c of clients say that the encounter a brand supplies through marketing and revenue interactions is just as essential as its solutions or products and services. In small, lower-high-quality content material could destroy your possibilities of obtaining new prospects.

The great point is there are movement graphics!

Continue to keep studying to find out why you need to start using motion graphics in your content advertising endeavours pronto and the different methods you can combine them into your existing written content.

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