May 28, 2023

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NHS’s Ever Increasing Waiting Times Are a Big Reason to Buy Private Medical Insurance

NHS funding issues keep cropping up in the daily newspapers and are certainly not a new thing for the UK. However, the fact is that it is the patients who are suffering out of this entire matter.

It’s their biggest loss and not just in terms of money, but in terms of health as well. There are thousands of women who do not get advantage of cheap breast cancer drugs just because they are not sure about the paying authority for them.

The ladies of England are in complete oblivion about who would fund their drugs – the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or NHS England or the hospital trust.

Due to this perplexity, they are not buying a cheap breast cancer drug that costs just 43p a day. This is a really pitiable situation and could be a big matter of concern in the coming years.

There have been many claims from diverse health sectors of the UK that suggest that the NHS lacks funding and is over stretched. In fact, these days GPs are suggesting their patients to buy private medical insurance for the sake of their safety and financial facility.

Just in case, things go wrong health wise then they have at least someone to rely on for their hospital and medical bills. It was also reported that NHS Mid Essex also asked doctors to counsel patients on how to use private insurance.

This was a positive step in the wake of the fact that the NHS could not support everybody under the umbrella and so have asked people to choose private insurers.

However, the step was criticised by many and now the situation is getting worse with every passing day. Apart from that, we all know that private insurance is certainly more secure and gives you a peace of mind without an iota of doubt.

Health insurance ensures that you don’t need to go without treatment. They offer complete financial assistance in return for the premiums they charge for your health.

If you are insured then you do not need to wait in long NHS queues and even buy medicines that are not offered by the NHS. This proves that there are very many benefits and so, choosing private health insurance is the way to go!

The next thing that should come to mind is how to choose the best health insurer in the UK. Well, you need some expert advice for this and may need to shop around to find the best health insurance provider in the UK.