September 22, 2023

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The Right Way To Wear A Wedding Ring

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Rings for couples symbolized their love that they  have for each other, that’s why engagement rings and wedding rings are extra special. They should be worn properly most of the time. Saving money on a diamond engagement ring and wedding requires effort to be able to get rings that can equal the love you have for your partners. That’s why wearing them all the time will be a good idea, here are some tips on the right way to wear a wedding ring and engagement ring. 

How To Wear Wedding & Engagement Ring Set

There are several ways to wear your wedding and engagement ring here are some of them:

Wear your Wedding Ring on the Ring Finger

Ring finger is the finger beside the pinky finger and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left hand. This traditional wearing of the ring originated from Rome, it is believed that the vein in the finger is directed to the heart which signifies romance. 

Wedding Ring Band Ring and Engagement Ring are worn in Separate Hands

Engagement ring will be worn on the ring finger of the right hand and the wedding band ring will be worn on the left ring finger or vice versa. Yes, you read that right it can be interchanged depending on what your choice is. There are some reasons why engagement ring and wedding band rings are not worn traditionally and here are some reasons why: 

Some people have shorter hands making it uncomfortable to wear more than one ring in one finger. 

If both rings are not matching then wearing them separately can display the beauty of each.

Both rings have their uniqueness, and it’s right to wear them separately. 

Wear wedding band and Engagement Ring Alternately 

Both wedding rings and engagement rings are pricey. That’s why sometimes they are reserved to be worn on special occasions only. For people who are comfortable wearing only one ring at a time, this is a good option. 

Wear your Wedding Ring on Any Finger

Wearing your ring on any finger is possible. The important thing is what it symbolizes. As long as you are comfortable with it feel free to wear it on any finger. 

How To Wear Rings During And After The Wedding Ceremony

During the Wedding Ceremony

  • Most women would move their engagement ring to their right finger to give way to the wedding band ring during the wedding ceremony. 
  • For brides wearing gloves  you can request gloves with a slit for the ring. Wearing a ring over gloves can make it tight and wearing under it may damage the ring. 
  • Keeping your engagement ring safe with your bride’s maid or keeping it in a box in a safe place can also be good choices to protect your engagement ring during the wedding ceremony. 

 After The Wedding Ceremony

  • There might be some traditional ways of wearing an engagement ring Vs. wedding ring, but the choice will always be on the wearer. But here are some suggestions just in case you need them:
  • Both rings can be worn on the same finger with the engagement ring on top, this way of wearing symbolizes that your wedding ring is closest to your heart. 
  • Both things can be worn in the same finger, but the wedding ring is on top this time. 
  • Rings have their own places where they were worn during the ceremonies. Engagement ring on the right ring finger and wedding and ring on the left ring finger. 
  • Both rings are worn on the same hand, the engagement ring is worn in the middle finger or pinky and wedding band ring on the 4th finger. 

Can Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Traditionally men are known not to wear engagement rings, however in today’s society it’s all about people’s choice. If a man wants to wear an engagement ring and her woman is willing to give one then why not. The important thing is the one that it symbolized. 

Why Does Wedding Band Go On First?

Wedding rings comes first since it means that it is closes to your heart. Now that you are married, your relationship should also come first before anything else. 

Hope we have enlightened you on the right way to wear a wedding ring.