September 30, 2023

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Will Amazon Ban “Ethics”? | The Business Ethics Blog

A new report from The Intercept suggests that a new in-home messaging application for Amazon personnel could ban a prolonged string of phrases, which includes “ethics.” Most of the words on the record are types that a disgruntled worker would use — phrases like “union” and “compensation” and “pay increase.” According to a leaked document reviewed by The Intercept, 1 element of the messaging app (still in growth) would be “An automatic phrase monitor would also block a wide range of conditions that could represent prospective critiques of Amazon’s operating ailments.” Amazon, of system, is not particularly a enthusiast of unions, and has spent (again, for every the Intercept) a whole lot of income on “anti-union consultants.”

So, what to say about this naughty checklist?

On one hand, it’s uncomplicated to see why a company would want not to present personnel with a device that would aid them do something not in the company’s fascination. I suggest, if you want to organize — or even simply just complain — utilizing your Gmail account or Sign or Telegram, that is one issue. But if you want to accomplish that objective by applying an application that the enterprise offers for internal small business applications, the firm perhaps has a teensy bit of a respectable criticism.

On the other hand, this is clearly a terrible glance for Amazon — it is unseemly, if not unethical, to be basically banning workforce from utilizing text that (it’s possible?) indicate they’re executing one thing the business does not like, or that possibly just indicate that the company’s employment requirements are not up to snuff.

But seriously, what strikes me most about this system is how ham-fisted it is. I necessarily mean, key terms? Significantly? Never we previously know — and if we all know, then unquestionably Amazon is familiar with — that social media platforms make achievable considerably, much a lot more refined approaches of influencing people’s behaviour? We’ve already noticed the use of Facebook to manipulate elections, and even our feelings. In contrast to that, this supposed list of naughty words would seem like Dr Evil attempting to outfit sharks with laser-beams. What unions ought to actually be apprehensive about is employer-provided platforms that never explicitly ban text, but that subtly condition person expertise dependent on their use of all those words. If Cambridge Analytica could plausibly try to impact a nationwide election that way, could not an employer rather believably purpose at shaping a unionization vote in identical fasion?

As for banning the term “ethics,” I can only shake my head. The capability to communicate brazenly about ethics — about values, about ideas, about what your firm stands for, is regarded by most students and consultants in the realm of enterprise ethics as very elementary. If you cannot communicate about it, how possible are you to be to be in a position to do it?

(Thanks to MB for pointing me to this tale.)